Seattle Prep Chess sheds a tear


On behalf of the Seattle Prep Chess team, we want to say thank you to Piecora’s for hosting our events for the past 12 or so years. Each March, the team of 15 or so kids and 10+ family members gathered to celebrate our…

The Stranger: Goodbye to Piecora’s – We’ll Miss Everything About You, Old Friend


[This is from BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT, KELLY O and DAVID SCHMADER’s post at the Stranger.  We love you guys!  The original post can be found here.] When I moved to Seattle in the summer of 1991, the first restaurant I visited—guided by a knowing…

Seattle Times: Goodbye to a stalwart Seattle pizzeria


[This is from REBEKAH DENNs post in the Seattle Times here. Photo by Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times] After 32 years, Piecora’s Pizza will serve its last slices. The restaurant, a landmark for New York-style pizza and a link to Seattle’s past, will close on April…

The Stranger: What About the Children?!?


[This is from the KELLY O’s Drunk of the Week column here. Thank you Kelly!] Look at these two little munchkins, Leo and Olive. Where are they supposed to go party on Friday nights now that Piecora’s Pizza is closing?!? I mean, they just…

The Stranger Suggests: Piecora’s


[This is from the nice Stranger Suggests page here. Thank you David!!] Who suggests it: David Schmader Why: Piecora’s has been dishing up New York–style pizza at 14th and Madison for a couple of decades, and it’s always good, but every once in a while they serve…

The Stranger: Piecora’s Pizza to Close Forever on April 15


[This is from DAVID SCHMADER’s post on the Stranger’s Slog. Read the original post (and the nicest comments ever) here.] It was announced yesterday, but unfortunately it’s no joke. From the Puget Sound Business Journal: One of the nation’s largest owners of apartments on Tuesday bought the…

Richie Loves Me


festival pizza time     posted by Uncle Frank via the Stories page!

The Last Slice Back Room


In our last weekend, we’re throwing one last huge (free!) show in our Back Room…  Our own Tim DiJulio’s Stereo Embers will be joined by Seattle greats Kim Virant and the Freil Brothers, as well as some amazing special guests! Saturday night at 10pm….

Open Daily


We’re located on beautiful Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA, at the five corner intersection of 14th Ave, East Madison and East Pike Streets. If you can’t read a map, just drive around Seattle until you find the pizza tossing, beer pouring liberty lady.  

Shirts Now Available


[UPDATE April 28, 2014] Shirts have been ordered, should be here in a week or two.  Keep checking in! ————————————————————————————————————————————- Stop by before Tuesday to pick up a $10 Piecora’s shirt!  All profit goes to help homeless youth in Seattle.