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Pizza & My Wife’s HUGE Wine Glass From the Husband’s View


I brought my long time girlfriend, now wife to Piecora’s many years ago whenever I play a band gig. She loves the pizza and loves drinking your micro-brews out of her large wine glass. The secret to our happiness is good eats and doing…



We’re collecting photos of everyone who’s worked at Piecora’s… Have you worked here for decades? Give us a photo of your amazingly attractive face. Did you work at Piecora’s for 1 day? You’re in. Either post photos to our Facebook page or email it…

Piecora’s Tim Dijulio is a True NY-Style Pizza Believer

Eater-Piecora-Tim-DiJullio-Nataworry (4 of 20)

From After spending some time with Tim Dijulio at Piecora’s, contributor Tallulah Anderson says, “It was pretty apparent that there’s more than a touch of the old vibe. Sure, some things have changed, but at its core, Piecora’s is that same magical, slightly abrasive spot we’ve…

Piecora Seasons Pizza with Humor


From the Seattle Post-Intellegencer: Danny Piecora cracks himself up, laughs so hard that others can’t help but laugh, too, which in turn fuels his delight until he’s wiping his eyes. He knows a thing or two about a good time; he seems to always be…