Dear Piecora’s


Dear Piecora’s,

I was hoping to take something Piecora’s home with me , and thought I would love to purchase 2 medium sized pizza pans, a double decker pizza holder for your tables, a pizza cutter and some red cups (like 20). My daughter wants the Piecora’s clock, but I am sure so many other people do too. Please let me know when your auction is.

As I mentioned in your goodbye book, I have been coming to Piecora’s since you opened. I started at Seattle University in 1981. In fact, I used to eat at the Kirkland restaurant too, when I worked at Evergreen Hospital. Piecoras’s was great, cheap food and beer, a cool vibe and super nice people, just the perfect thing for those college days. You were a fun place to take a date, then a regular evening out after we got married. Once we had kids, we would pick up pizza every Thursday after getting the kids at the daycare up the street. We continued to frequent your place with kids soccer parties and birthday parties. It was such a cool place to come to on Halloween too. My oldest just started school at S.U and he has been hanging out at Piecora’s with his friends. There aren’t many places that can stay that cool for 30 years and two generations!
Best of luck with your new direction in life and know that if you kind of miss the pizza tossing and want to reopen somewhere, there would be many people thrilled to have you in their neighborhood (like near us in the Mount Baker neighborhood).

Teresa Jensen

[Submitted via our Stories page.]

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