Good Bye


I had the pleasure to work with the Piecora Family beginning in 1982. I had just completed a 3 year hitch in the US Navy and moved to Seattle to attend college at the urging of my life long best friend Mike Thomas. We lived at 1515 East Madison just a few hundred yards up the hill so I could get to work quickly when needed.

It was such a great time in the infancy of the pizzeria. There was no beer or alcohol served in the restaurant other than what we brought up into the loft and consumed quickly! There was Danny leading the way along with Richie being the operations man he was…Never did he get rattled. There was Angelo making his signature cheesecakes….WOW those were tasty Angelo. James, he was the carpenter and fix it man slowly building-out the store as cash became available. There was Deb sliding in to do the books and she was always good for a chuckle.

I was tasked at unloading those 50 pound sacks of flour, cases of tomato’s and carry them up the steps into the loft. With each step up to the loft, the sweat began to pour out and by the time I was done I looked like Tony Montana in Scarface……My face was blanketed with a powder coating but that only meant that soon we would spend the $4.99 to get a case of Heidelberg Beer “Keg Bottles” and wash away the parched throats.

Piecora’s then became a destination prior to Sonics games, Husky games or just a jaunt in the city. I brought my friends and family to the restaurant as they grew up and realized life had become full circle when my son Chris and daughter Elisa traveled for the slice and soda as students as S.U.

The family was committed to the community which they served for 32 years and contributed in many ways as a piece of Americana closes its doors………

However, when a door closes on the memories which were created, there is always a window for new opportunity…..

Richie, Danny & Deb get some rest as you truly deserve it!

Mike Medrzycki


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  1. This is to Danny – Brother, I will never forget not only the best pizza I’ve ever had, but your heart in Christ; I was part of the group, the “church”, you let meet in the restaurant Sunday mornings some years ago. I wasn’t the pastor, but you and I had some conversations. The Lord has and will bless you for such generosity towards people, God’s People, and His work. What a great thing for a businessman to do, to advance the Kingdom. I was sorry when the pastor decided to move from there. That was a prime “spot” for ministry. It has always been a blessing knowing you, the few times we got to talk. You are an inspiration, Brother! God bless richly, you and yours.

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