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We came to Seattle in the fall of 1982 and had an apartment on 12th and Howell. Mark was in school and Heather had a $5/hr job, so dining out was rarity, and Piecora’s was, more often than not, the place we splurged. Where else could you get so much flavor for such a reasonable price?

Later, Piecora’s became Mark’s sister’s favorite, whenever she brought her two young sons to Seattle. Growing up in conservative southern Idaho, Piecora’s people were part of the attraction. They loved taking part in the wild diversity, servers and customers, knowing they themselves looked like fish out of water among denizens of Capitol Hill.

We never lost our love of Piecora’s from Day 1 (or nearly so) to the final day.

I am attaching a couple of pictures I snapped on April 15th waiting in line for our final pie. Thanks, everyone, and best of luck. I hope some of you pizza-makers spawn a new place with as much character and integrity. We’ll be looking for you.


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  1. You are our “Cheers”, where everyone knew our names. After a good day or hard day, we always could relax, find good service, friends, and food at Piecoras. It was a shock to see the closed signs. We are so sorry we didn’t havethe chance to say good by and THANK YOU for all the great times.

    Joel Olson and Maureen Davis

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