Opening Day Customer

I lived on Capital Hill when you opened. Had been in Seattle and the Northwest for a long time but came from the Bronx, where Pizza was a big part of daily life. Indeed.

You could get okay pizza in Seattle then, but just okay, and from the moment I walked down to check out Piecoras, a missing part of life was restored. I was a regular, talked to the brothers about pizza, about all things New York, then moved to Oregon in 1991.

I have close friends who live two blocks away from you so every trip to Seattle included slices and then often a pie with friends.

My daughter moved back to Seattle in 2007 to go to Seattle U and one of the first things I did was take her to Piecoras and introduce her. I told her you are lucky to have a great pizza place so close. It’s a comfort. And it was, she and all of her friends were regulars at Piecoras over the 4 years they attended SU.

Not only did you guys make great pizza, but you always made the place friendly and welcoming. That was special, good people doing good things.

Years ago there was a place where I live now that offered egg creams on the menu. I would go in there and order an egg cream and frequently had to teach the poor soda fountain person how to make it. One time there was a new girl working and when I ordered the drink she asked the normally absent owner how to make it. The owner said in a voice I could easily hear, “Oh, those are those disgusting drinks that only people from the east coast drink.” I gently told her that I didn’t appreciate her saying what she did, that the Egg Cream was as much a celebration of warm memories as it was a drink, and that she might keep her opinion to herself when a paying patron orders one.” That was the end of that for me.

You at Piecoras always made life better, one slice or one
pie at a time. For that I am grateful. All good things to all of you as life opens the next chapter for you.

[Submitted via our Stories page.]


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