Reciever (of pizza)

New York Pizza

I started college at Seattle University in fall of 2005 and the first week of orientation, our orientation leader took us to Piecora’s. That was the first of many trips there for pizza either in between class for lunch, or as fuel for finals or just wanted to treat myself. After I graduated, I didn’t go as often and I regret it. I’d always suggest going with family when they were in town or with friends to hang out. It was always a top choice.

As an average American, pizza night was a special night that was always looked forward to. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve ordered and enjoyed other pizza’s from bigger chains just like anybody else. Pizza in general is a win. Piecora’s Pizza night was something else entirely. Eating in house, there was a charge in the air that I savored. When ordering take out or delivery, the sight of the box and the Piecora’s logo drew out more excitement and satisfaction than any other pizza to date. It really was special to me.

I last went to Piecora’s a few weeks ago and I must have not noticed that it was closing. If I had known, I would have ordered 4 times as much. I still have that box and I don’t think I’m going to throw it away. When I was there, I saw one of the owners (presumably) that I knew when I first started college. And he recognized me and asked how I’d been doing. It’s been almost 9 years since I first started college and frequenting Piecora’s and over 4 years since I stopped going there regularly. He must see hundreds of faces while bustling about making pizza, and he recognized one friendly face who he hasn’t seen in years. It meant a lot. I wish I had remembered his name.

Only today did I realize Piecora’s had retired. I drove into the parking lot, walked up to the door, saw the sign and my heart fell. I wish I had known and had a proper goodbye. I loved you guys. You are one of my first memories of Seattle and always made me happy. I don’t know what I’ll do now for a pizza that has more than standard pizza night meaning.

In any case, I wish you all the best in life. I hope you all know you were appreciated and made an impression in my life, even if it was just pizza. Take care.

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