Seattle Prep Chess sheds a tear


On behalf of the Seattle Prep Chess team, we want to say thank you to Piecora’s for hosting our events for the past 12 or so years. Each March, the team of 15 or so kids and 10+ family members gathered to celebrate our year of competition with a bunch of pies, a dozen chess games, and smiles had by all. Then, each December, the Seattle Prep Chess Alums had their reunion to reconnect with old friends, eat a bunch of pies, and play 10 or so chess games.

No place on Capital Hill was willing to let you gather and stay. We will be eternally grateful to Piecora’s for helping us foster and maintain community. Each year, not wishing to be a control freak, I’d offer up the possibility of going elsewhere. Each year, everyone voted in favor of Piecora’s. It’s not hard to see why. We love you.

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