Shirts Now Available


[UPDATE April 28, 2014]

Shirts have been ordered, should be here in a week or two.  Keep checking in!


Stop by before Tuesday to pick up a $10 Piecora’s shirt! ¬†All profit goes to help homeless youth in Seattle.



4 Comments on “Shirts Now Available

  1. I can’t see where to purchase your t-shirts online. Can you let me know how?
    Thanks for all the great pies and memories.

  2. Wanting to purchase an XL tee shirt, got any? Ate my last 1/2 pie there today, delish! Been with u since the start, you’ll be missed!! Take the $$ & run!! I would, Taj

  3. I’ve lived in Seattle for almost five years, and I’ve always loved having Piecora’s pizza. I really want to order 2 XL t- shirts and 1 L t- shirt.

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